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गाय पर निबंध - The Cow Essay In English

गाय पर निबंध - The Cow Essay In English


यह भी पढ़े -

  • The cow is a domestic animal. it is very useful to us. it gives us milk.
  • .The cow has a large body. It has four legs, two horns and a long tail. It has two ears. She eats grass
  • In India, the people worship the cow
  • The biggest use of a cow is that it gives us milk. Fresh milk is very good for our health.
  • The cow is given "mother's" status in our religion. It is a pious animal.
  • Cow dung also is a good fertilizer, which is generally used in cultivated fields for better growth of crops.
  • butter curd and sweets are mad from cow's milk cow's milk is parfect diet

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